H. Geeststraat 7,
B-2500 Lier, Belgium

Dear Curator,

I apologize for my somewhat late reply. I was working against the clock to finish my work for our upcoming exhibition and therefore I didn’t have the time to follow up on our correspondence until now. As you probably know, creating art is a nerve-wracking activity, which requires full dedication and therefore is a fulltime occupation. As always, I have been working solitary nightshifts exploring the depths of my mind in an attempt to reveal the undercurrent of my psyche.

Previously, you asked me if I could send you an artist biography of 100 words or 500 letters as quickly as possible. Unfortunately I did not succeed at this task, as 100 words seem too concise to describe my work and really would be limiting to the complexity of my artistic practice. Therefore, 500 letters seems to me the best idea. But, since this will take much more time than currently available, I’m forced to ask for a postponement.

In the meantime, I have created this application that from now on will take over these inessential tasks for me and I hope this can be a useful tool for artists who find themselves in a similar situation.

In anticipation of our further correspondence, you can consider this my first letter.


Jasper Rigole

P.S. I would like to thank Peter Morrens and Rik de Boe and the artists who exhibited at Voorkamer for the use of their texts, Elias Heuninck for doing the programming, Emi Kodama for editing the text and The University College Ghent, KASK for their kind support.